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Health Insurance Plans Made Easy and Affordable

Trying to find the right health insurance plan for you or your family can be a complex, often difficult task. Just trying to find the best carrier can be stressful and confusing on its own. That is why the Health Insurance Solutions was founded - to take the stress and confusion out of the health insurance process. Our goal is to help hardworking men and women find the best protection for their unique needs.

Unlike some health insurance brokers, we make every effort to learn about the kind of health insurance you really need. When you speak with an agent from The Health Insurance Solutions, know that we will never try to upsell you on a plan that you can't afford. Instead, your knowledgeable, helpful health insurance agent in Mount Pleasant will help you navigate the uncertain waters of the health insurance world. Once we understand the health insurance plan you need, we will explore your options. That way, you can leave our conversation feeling informed about your health insurance options and confident that you are making the best choice possible.

We are proud to have served people just like yourself for more than 15 years at the Health Insurance Solutions. We have helped countless individuals, families, and business owners find the coverage they need at a price that won't send them into bankruptcy. If you know that you need health insurance but don't know how to start or what to look for, we've got good news - you're in the right place.

Do You Really Need Health Insurance?

Before we talk about the solutions that our health insurance broker in Mount Pleasant provides, we should address the elephant in the room. Everyone regardless of age or health, can benefit from a health insurance plan. Even the healthiest of people want to maintain their health and have protection in the event of a catastrophe. One of the best ways to stay healthy and plan for unexpected events is to visit your doctor for an annual check-up. When you have a health insurance plan, these visits are often fully covered by your insurance carrier when you choose an in-network doctor. Without health insurance, you will be responsible for the full cost of any medical care - even routine check-ups with your primary care physician. If something horrible happens, and you don't have health insurance, you may have to pay the full amount for the emergency care you receive. Even young, healthy individuals can benefit from the right health plan. After all, nobody plans on getting sick or injured, but bad things can happen to anyone. Something unexpected like a broken leg can cost more than $7,000 to treat when you don't have coverage. A three-day stay in a hospital can cost upwards of $30,000. That can be an incredible amount of money to pay out of pocket. Having a health insurance plan set in place can help you get quality care at a much more affordable price, especially if something unforeseen happens.

Health Insurance Agency Mount Pleasant, SC

Who We Serve

At the Health Insurance Solutions, our mission is to educate and empower our clients so that they can get the best access to medical care possible. Because everyone has their own unique set of needs when it comes to health plans, we serve a wide range of clients.


Individual plans, also called personal health plans, are health insurance policies that you can purchase solely for yourself. When you work with Health Insurance Solutions, your health insurance agent in Mount Pleasant will go over your health plan options and help find the best fit for your needs. Individual health plans are not tied to your employer, so you can make a career change without having to worry about losing your health insurance. For individual plans, we offer major medical, short-term, and fixed benefit plans that include life, dental, vision, and other coverage options.


Finding the right health plan for your family can be a real challenge, but our experienced health insurance agents are here to help. We understand that not all members of your family will have the same needs. To help your family get the best coverage possible, we search for custom plans that will meet each of your family members' needs. Whether you're looking for major medical coverage or fixed-benefit plans with no deductibles, our experts are here to serve you. Common coverage options include vision, dental, life, STD and LTD, long-term care, and more.



Entrepreneurs have their own set of needs in terms of health plans and how much they can afford to spend on coverage. Once thought of as a small percentage of the workforce, 57 million Americans freelanced in 2019 alone, according to the Upwork and Freelancers Union. If you are a consultant, independent contractor, or freelancer, the Health Insurance Solutions will find a plan that caters to your current needs and future endeavors. Common health insurance plans for self-employed people include vision, life, dental, and stand-alone prescription coverage. We also offer major medical, supplemental, short-term, and fixed-benefit plans at a range of prices that you can afford.


Small Business

Offering health insurance to your employees is one of the best ways to keep your team happy and attract diligent workers to your company. If you are a business owner who wants to provide health insurance to your employees but cannot do so because the cost of benefits is too high, worry not. Our experienced health insurance agents will work directly with your employees to help them find the coverage they can afford. We also offer hybrid plans that can be customized so that both you and your employee's needs are met. Whether you need a major medical package or voluntary benefits only, the Health Insurance Solutions has got you covered. Common small business health insurance plans include life, LTC, medical, vision, 401K administration, and dental insurance.

plane departure


If you travel regularly for business or pleasure, it pays to plan ahead and protect yourself. Because unexpected events happen all the time, you could lose a lot of money if your business trip or vacation is canceled at the last minute. Situations like this can be particularly concerning on international business trips and on long vacations. Whether you get sick before your trip or have valuables within your baggage stolen, traveler's insurance can help minimize expensive cancelation fees and costs.

 Health Insurance Agent Mount Pleasant, SC

Health Insurance Solutions for Individual and Family Health Insurance


Most Popular Types of Coverage

Figuring out the kind of insurance you need is a crucial part of the health insurance process. Do you have a prescription for eyeglasses or contacts? Do you have a condition that requires you to visit the doctor on a regular basis? Health insurance plans change depending on what you need. At the Health Insurance Solutions, we will provide you with a trusted health insurance agent in Mount Pleasant to help you choose the best plan for your budget.

Here are a few of the most popular types of coverage that our clients ask about:

Major Medical

This type of insurance covers minimum essential benefits and meets the standards of the ACA for family and individual coverage. Major medical insurance is a fantastic option to choose if you want to be sure all of your medical expenses are covered. Major medical plans usually cover ten essential benefits:

  • Outpatient Procedures or Ambulatory Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Check-Ups and Preventative Care
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency Services
  • Pediatric Care Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Newborn and Maternity Care
  • Addiction Counseling and Mental Health Care Services

If your goal is to cover a full range of care, major medical plans are often the best choice. We recommend you contact our office today to learn more about the major medical plan options available to you. As a licensed, private health insurance broker in Mount Pleasant you do not need to wait until Open Enrollment to protect yourself with a major medical insurance plan.

 Health Insurance Companies Mount Pleasant, SC
 Health Insurance Mount Pleasant, SC


From basic cleanings to complex procedures like root canals, dental work can be awfully expensive. When you have dental insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing that you won't have to pay for your procedure out of pocket. In general, a quality dental insurance policy will cover some or all of the following:

  • Routine cleanings and checkups (copay may be required)
  • X-Rays
  • Filling Cavities
  • Bridges, Implants, and Crowns
  • Root Canals and Repair Work
  • Emergency Services Oral Surgery, etc.)

It should be noted that some types of dental equipment and services may be covered at higher levels of coverage. While preventative work like cleanings is typically covered, some procedures require out-of-pocket costs.


Usually purchased as an addition to your medical insurance, vision insurance helps cut back on costs associated with eye care Like dental insurance, vision insurance is great if you know that you will regularly visit the eye doctor or just want to protect yourself for a "worst case scenario." In general, a quality vision plan will cover some or all of the following:

  • Routine Eye Exams
  • Medical Eye Care
  • Vision Correction Products (Eyeglasses, contacts, etc.)
  • Surgeries for Vision Correction (LASIK, etc.)

It should be noted that not all types of vision insurance will cover medical issues related to eye care. For instance, if your optometrist discovers a medical problem during your eye exam, they may refer you to a different doctor. While vision insurance may not cover all eye-related medical services, major medical health insurance often does.

 Medical Insurance Mount Pleasant, SC
 Private Health Insurance Mount Pleasant, SC


It might be hard to imagine at this stage of your life, but as you age, there is a chance that you will need long-term care services. The question is, how will you or your loved ones pay for this kind of care? Many people choose to eliminate the burden of senior care by purchasing long-term care insurance. Services like meal preparation, medication assistance, and help with day-to-day activities like bathing are not covered by regular health insurance plans. Long-term care insurance will help you or your children lessen the expense of care when you have chronic medical conditions, dementia, or disabilities. When you speak to one of our health insurance agents, ask if you can purchase a policy that reimburses you when you receive care in the following locations:

  • Routine cleanings and checkups (copay may be required)
  • In a nursing home
  • In your own home
  • In an assisted living center
  • At a long-term residential senior facility

Expert Help Is Only a Phone Call Away

We call ourselves the Health Insurance Solutions because we are committed to finding you the best, most affordable options for your health insurance needs. We work with all the major insurance carriers, such as:

  • Aetna
  • Advent Health
  • United Healthcare
  • National General
  • Humana
  • Transamerica
  • Many More

Unlike some health insurance brokers who only care about making a sale, we don't view you as a financial transaction. We believe that serving others never goes out of style. That's why we prefer to educate you on your health coverage options so that you can make an informed decision. As your health insurance agent in Mount Pleasant, we would be honored to help you seek out a plan that is the perfect fit for your life. You will receive the same excellent level of service whether you are a business owner with employees or a single individual.

When you're ready to protect yourself and your family with quality health insurance, we will be here to help guide you along the way. Contact us today so that we may discover your insurance needs and provide you with a quality insurance solution that will give you peace of mind for years to come.

Health insurance plans

Call us 843-364-9155 for a complimentary consultation and evaluation of your healthcare coverage.

Latest News in Mount Pleasant, SC

New Georgetown Co. program to recruit heavy equipment operators, combat shortage

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A new apprenticeship in Georgetown County is working to combat staffing shortages found in one of the most essential jobs: Heavy Equipment Operations.Heavy Equipment Operators are the backbone for most operations in any state, city or county.They often run the most essential parts of any public works, landfill operation, construction or other entity.“This is a vital operation,” Georgetown County HR Director Walt Ackerman says. “One of the biggest parts of society is one ...

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A new apprenticeship in Georgetown County is working to combat staffing shortages found in one of the most essential jobs: Heavy Equipment Operations.

Heavy Equipment Operators are the backbone for most operations in any state, city or county.

They often run the most essential parts of any public works, landfill operation, construction or other entity.

“This is a vital operation,” Georgetown County HR Director Walt Ackerman says. “One of the biggest parts of society is one thing you cannot have, or have to have in order to have a society.”

In Georgetown County, their numbers are falling short.

“Between our landfill operation and public works, which does roads, ditches, cleaning, various projects, 27 total positions. Five total vacancies, which is significant,” Ackerman says. “And five people who are over retirement age with enough years to retire. They could literally walk out any day they choose.”

To combat the issue, they have created a new initiative to train and recruit potential HEO employees for the long haul.

A top-paying spot as an operator, which used to take eight years to achieve, could now belong to anyone within five.

“We hope everyone tops out. We want the most experience we can get,” Ackerman says.

As an apprentice in this program, you could learn and use up to 15 heavy equipment vehicles.

Each year of the program, after completing a list of tasks, you can move up to the next level HEO spot, which also increases your pay.

30-year-old Shatara Duncan is one of the first to join the program.

“I don’t think I would be able to it, I don’t think I can handle it, at one point I was like that. But the more I got to learn it, the more I got used to it.”

She says she needed a change in pace after years of working sit-down jobs.

“I worked in the scale house, the recycling area. I’ve basically been all over,” Duncan says.

As one of the only women currently working at Georgetown County landfill, she hopes the new initiative can encourage others to join the operations team.

“We want more females to join our team, we only have two of us,” Duncan says. “It’s worth it, it really is, for experience.”

Ackerman says the most important part is finding passionate people who also take the job seriously.

“It’s a busy operation we have. All kinds of folks from the public coming in and out. You really have to pay attention. Trash never stops. If you don’t remember anything else, trash never stops.”

To apply, all you need is to be 18-years-old and have valid driver’s license.

No former experience or education is required.

For more information, click here.

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Berkeley Co. Coroner seeking help in ‘suspicious’ death of unidentified body

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The Berkeley County Coroner’s Office is continuing to ask for the public’s help in identifying the body of a man found dead in Summerville on Sept. 29.The death is now being investigated as suspicious, but the coroner says the investigation is at somewhat of a standstill until an identification can be made.Berkeley County Coroner Darnell Hartwell say...

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The Berkeley County Coroner’s Office is continuing to ask for the public’s help in identifying the body of a man found dead in Summerville on Sept. 29.

The death is now being investigated as suspicious, but the coroner says the investigation is at somewhat of a standstill until an identification can be made.

Berkeley County Coroner Darnell Hartwell says in his almost 20-year career in the county, he has never had a body this difficult to identify.

“We are out at 9:00 at night knocking on doors, trying to get whatever information that we can, and the public has been very great with that calling in giving us different tips, different clues,” Hartwell says. “We look into each one of them, and unfortunately negative on being able to have him identified.”

Hartwell says the body was found off of the College Park Road area in Summerville in advanced stages of decomposition.

The condition of the body has made it difficult to identify the man with fingerprints not being an option and no dental work to compare the teeth to yet.

They are now working with SLED and other forensic labs to do more lab work and are submitting the DNA profile into a national database with hopes of a connection.

But until then, they are very limited in what can be done next.

“It’s a suspicious death that we need to do some further investigating on along with the sheriff’s office,” Hartwell says. “We can’t start on that until we are able to get him identified; so the longer we take to get him identified, the longer it’s going to take us to investigate this.”

He adds that until the identification can be made, the full investigation cannot begin and closure cannot be given to his loved ones.

“It’s very important for us; that’s part of our job as coroners is to assist these families in whatever way that we can,” Hartwell says. “At the end of the day, this is somebody’s child, and he deserves the respect that that’s needed.

“We just want to do the right thing by him and have him turned over to his family so he can have a proper disposition.”

The public’s knowledge of this person could be extremely helpful in this case.

Hartwell describes the man as white, between 45 and 70 years old with gray hair.

He is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, between 155 to 175 pounds and has one missing upper front tooth.

The man was found wearing a maroon South Carolina Gamecocks hat, glasses, a light blue long-sleeve button-down shirt, black pants and black athletic shoes.

Hartwell says the man possibly frequented the College Park Road area and the Red Oak Circle neighborhood in Summerville.

Anyone with information or concerns about a missing person is asked to contact the Berkeley County Coroner’s Office at 843-719-4566.

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Charleston’s new indoor sports, restaurant venue ready to open

You’re seeing The Post and Courier’s weekly real estate newsletter. Receive all the latest transactions and top development, building, and home and commercial sales news to your inbox each Saturday here.A ...

You’re seeing The Post and Courier’s weekly real estate newsletter. Receive all the latest transactions and top development, building, and home and commercial sales news to your inbox each Saturday here.

A new entertainment site and sports bar opens next week in Mount Pleasant.

Mix at 730 Coleman Blvd., which originally was set to open earlier in the summer but encountered material and staffing delays, will open Oct. 16, according to owner David Breen.

The opening comes after the recent launch of another indoor sports entertainment site in the town’s northern sector.

Crush Yard opened in late September at 3365 S. Morgans Point Road in the former Palmetto State Armory location. It offers pickleball and a restaurant.

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Also, new townhomes starting at $2 million are coming to the Lowcountry.

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8,000: Number of permitted houses coming to large development on the edge of Charleston where a new supermarket is in the works.

11: Number of new upscale townhomes coming to a mixed-use development in the Lowcountry.

5.44: Millions of dollars paid for a multifamily community in North Charleston that sold for $3.5 million 18 months ago.

Real Estate

+ Slower sales: Charleston-area home sales slipped again in September for the 25th consecutive month.

+ Food line: A new supermarket with international flare joins the lineup of several grocery chains serving the Charleston area.

+ New lease: Another new restaurant recently signed on to join several others coming to an expanding shopping center in the Charleston region.

Longtime Charleston inn tied to Netflex series to be rebranded after $5M purchase, upgrade

Jack Davis, a principal owner of the rebranded Charleston Creekside Inn in West Ashley, talks about the changes made to the lodging over the past year, including a new cabana and floating dock as well as new furnishings, paint and other alterations to the 31-year-old motel previously known as Creekside Lands Inn.

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Less than a mile apart, two nine-room bed-and-breakfast-style inns are joining the peninsula’s crowded lodging lineup.

The Ashley is the first of the two projects the Charleston-based Trouvaille Collection has in the works. The name of the firm is French for “lucky find,” which is how CEO Josh Hatter and his partners hope their properties will be perceived in the ultra-competitive market.

Their three-story B&B at Bee Street and Ashley Avenue kept its familiar pink façade and double balcony, but the interior was remodeled in a cost of about $800,000.

The Ashley has been in a soft-opening phase since its unveiling earlier this year, when the makeover was completed. Since then, the occupancy rate has hovered around 70 percent, with the weekend of Oct. 13 entirely booked.

The Ashley, built in 1852, was purchased by a Trouvaille affiliate for more than $3.7 million last year. The property had previously sold five times over the last several decades, with prices ranging from $155,000 in 1989 to $2.1 million in 2019, according to county property records.

Its future sister B&B, farther south at 126 Wentworth St., is expected to come online in December as The Nicholas.

Hatter described the two properties as “boutique, historic and elevated.”

Between them, Trouvaille estimated it has invested more than $9 million in real estate acquisition costs and remodeling expenses.

The renovation projects took structures built in the late 1700s and mid-1800s down to the studs and updated them for 21st century guest stays, with modern-day utilities, amenities and aesthetics.

Formerly operated as the 1837 Bed & Breakfast, The Nicholas changed hands in December for $3.4 million. The units in the structure between Pitt and Coming streets were converted from apartments in 2000, but they hadn’t undergone a major overhaul since, said Hatter, whose group spent more than $1 million in upgrades.

“I’m a longtime Charlestonian so it’s important to us to take these older properties and bring them into the current times while keeping the history associated with them,” he said. “You’ll see the old chandeliers, crown molding and pocket doors. The old cistern under The Ashley was converted into a living room for one of our guest rooms. What’s old can be made new.”

When the 201 Ashley Ave. property was listed, it appeared as a normal resale transaction. Hatter said when he and his partners discovered it had a B&B permit tied to it, they decided to restore it and bring that use back to life.

“When people think of traditional B&B’s they think of the retired couple running it themselves,” he said. “We want the guest to feel that same charm and connection with our staff in how we personalize their stay.”

While The Ashley’s daily rate fluctuates, Hatter said on average it has been around $300.

“We live in Charleston so we want to invest in the city we love,” Hatter said. “We are not a big institutional company or investor trying to come in and maximize the number of keys. That’s not who we are and not who we want to be.”

Charleston is driven by hospitality and filled with various lodging options — from national hotel flags and small boutique properties to short-term vacation rentals. Hatter said B&Bs fall in a sweet spot somewhere in between.

“We effectively combine the best of each category: the convenience of Airbnb, the size and personal touches of a traditional bed and breakfast and the amenities expected of a boutique hotel,” he said.

City records show about 30 bed-and-breakfast permits have been issued across Charleston, but not all of them are in use. Explore Charleston spokesman Chris Campbell said that’s not necessarily a sign that the business model has seen better days,

“There has consistently been an audience for B&Bs, especially in a market like ours,” he said. “Diversity in lodging types is a key component of a strong tourism economy, and it’s one of our destination’s top attributes.”

Hatter said operating The Ashley over the last seven months has inspired he and his partners at Trouvaille to take on a new business goal: to acquire 1,000 B&B keys across the Southeast in the next decade. They’re already eyeing properties in North Carolina and other neighboring states.

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Fresh start for retail space as supermarket chain to enter Charleston market

MOUNT PLEASANT — A North Carolina-based supermarket chain plans to enter the Charleston market, stepping in after another grocery store’s plans fell through.The Fresh Market has taken over the lease from discount grocer Lidl for a space in Bowman Place ...

MOUNT PLEASANT — A North Carolina-based supermarket chain plans to enter the Charleston market, stepping in after another grocery store’s plans fell through.

The Fresh Market has taken over the lease from discount grocer Lidl for a space in Bowman Place Shopping Center, according to a document filed Sept. 27 in the Charleston County land records office.

A spokeswoman for the Greensboro-based specialty grocer said the company “did not have anything to share at this time” on its open schedule.

Peter Stone of Mount Pleasant’s planning department said Fresh Market has not presented construction plans to the town, which usually considers building and facade alterations as well as signage through the Commercial Design Review Board.

German company Lidl, with its U.S. headquarters in Arlington, Va., had planned to move into a 26,000-square-foot space in the Dick’s Sporting Goods-anchored retail center near Bowman Road and Johnnie Dodds Boulevard.

Work came to a halt more than a year ago.

A Lidl representative did not respond for comment.

The Fresh Market now has the remainder of the 15-year tenant agreement Lidl signed three years ago next month. The lease also included an option for 15 more years.

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The site originally held a 20,000-square-foot kitchen store, but it closed in early 2020. Lidl wanted a larger space, so it added 6,000 square feet and a loading dock in the rear of the building.

The Fresh Market has nine stores in South Carolina. Its closest location to Charleston is about 70 miles up the coast at Pawleys Island.

The chain offers an upscale assortment of fresh produce, meat and seafood along with a deli, bakery, prepared foods and fresh-cut flowers. The store also has beer, wine, coffee and bulk nuts along with various other items.

In 2017, Fresh Market first eyed the state’s fourth-largest municipality and its 95,000 residents who have a median household income of more than $106,000, according to U.S. Census figures.

Publix eventually brought one of its small-format specialty grocery stores called GreenWise Market to the 21,535-square-foot space in Indigo Square Shopping Center off U.S. Highway 17, where Fresh Market was looking.

GreenWise Market, near Mount Pleasant Towne Centre, closed in 2020 about 16 months after it opened. It’s now the site of outdoor gear retailer REI Co-op.

Another specialty grocer also made a run in Mount Pleasant. North Carolina-based Southern Season shuttered its store off Coleman Boulevard in 2016, less than three years after it opened. It’s now the home of Gold’s Gym.

Last year, South American retailer Cencosud acquired a 67 percent stake in The Fresh Market. Existing grocery store shareholders retained a minority equity interest in the company.

The Fresh Market, with 159 stores in 22 states, was founded in 1982. The size of its stores average about 21,000 square feet.

The Bowman Place location is near a 4-mile stretch of Johnnie Dodds Boulevard between the Ravenel Bridge and Interstate 526 that’s teeming with supermarkets. They include Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Publix, Traders Joe’s, Aldi and Walmart.

Lidl has a dozen stores in South Carolina, with two in the Charleston area in Goose Creek and North Charleston.

The Mustard Seed in Mount Pleasant announces its closing

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. —A popular restaurant in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, has announced its closing.The Mustard Seed has been in business for more than 28 years.(Video above: Morning headlines from WYFF News 4)The owner, Sal Parco, posted Sunday on Facebook that he will retire and the restaurant will close and be taken over by a new group.Read his full message below:"It’s with a heavy heart ...


A popular restaurant in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, has announced its closing.

The Mustard Seed has been in business for more than 28 years.

(Video above: Morning headlines from WYFF News 4)

The owner, Sal Parco, posted Sunday on Facebook that he will retire and the restaurant will close and be taken over by a new group.

Read his full message below:

"It’s with a heavy heart and mixed emotions, I am writing to formally announce my retirement and the closing of the Mustard Seed. Please visit me as this will be my final week and it is my hope to see as many of you as possible. I opened the original Mustard Seed over 28 yrs ago, and it’s been quite a journey. Along the way I’ve had the privilege to serve the greater Mt Pleasant community, even opening up additional restaurant concepts that were frequented by my cherished customers. It has been my great honor to be a part of the restaurant community and I’ll never be able to express my appreciation toward the many customers that I now consider to be my family. I am forever grateful to have been welcomed in with such open arms and my gratitude toward you is immense. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coming to work everyday, meeting, greeting and serving the most wonderful group of loyal customers. You have been my family for almost 30 years and I will miss each and every one of you. But it is time to pass on the baton…

"To my Mustard Seed team, thank you for your commitment and your loyalty. You have made this feel more like a passion project as opposed to work. A special thanks to my dedicated leaders that always stepped up even through the many challenges we’ve faced throughout the years. I never questioned your integrity as you added to the successes we achieved. But after much thought and careful consideration, I realize that it’s time to slow down as I’m not a youngster anymore and all good things must come to an end. I want to thank everyone for the experiences and opportunities I have been able to enjoy. The fond memories of our times together will follow me into my retirement and any future endeavors.


South Carolina high school football score roundup plus highlights from area games

"Until then, I am fully committed to assisting in the transition of the new group taking over… I know this wonderful community will embrace them just as you did me 28+ years ago. You allowed me to live out my dreams and achieve opportunities that I couldn’t even imagine were possible. I love each and everyone of you! All the best,Sal Parco"


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